Halloween…Trick or Not

Today is Halloween, I did not dress up, I did not go out, and I did not pass out candy, I just was not feeling it this year. Next week is the end of the first marking period, I am honestly so stressed out. Junior year is one BIG stress factor in a high schoolers life. Every decision we make is for our future now, and it is really hard to get used too. I am finding that I have less and less time for things that I enjoy and more time studying and doing homework. These grades this year mean a lot, and colleges are going to be looking at them when it comes time to apply. Yesterday I honestly had a mental break down because of school, and it’s not even January yet. Works is piling up as I type, its stressful. Some of me wishes I went out and did something today, but I had too much work to do. But everyone goes through this stage, my mom did, my dad did, and I am sure if you are reading this and you are older than 17, you did too. This year is crucial for the rest of your life. Now that I am saying this, it kind of scars me thinking that my adolescence is almost up, no more mommy and daddy fixing everything. Soon I will be on my own and doing my own thing. Growing up really stinks sometimes, it was only two years ago I was excited about driving, college, and just growing up in general, I could not wait to bolt out of here as fast as I could. Now I am sitting here praying that time will slow down, that time will just stop for a bit so I can catch my breath. I still feel as if I do not know who I am yet, I need to find my identity. Well that is why Ms. Woodward made us do this blog, so we figure out who we truly are, so when it comes time to write that dreaded college essay, it won’t be so hard. It is scary, Junior year is Halloween all year-long, everything we have to start thinking about all at the age of 16-17. Life is tough, life is hard, but if you just sit around and complain everyday nothing gets done. I tell myself that at least. My goals for this year is to have all A’s and B’s and I will only allow one C a semester. My plan for college is to go to MCC and get all of my core classes taken care of, then go to a university, so that 2+2 program basically. MCC has the nursing classes I need, so I want to take those there. As much as it might seem, I actually cannot wait to just get going with life, even though I just said I wanted time to stop, but that was mostly for my family. I wish I spent more time with them throughout the years, I plan on making that up soon though. Hopefully we can make some really nice memories before I leave to live my life, and create my own story.


2 thoughts on “Halloween…Trick or Not”

  1. The deep thoughts you convey in your blog are so touching and so impressive. I’ve known you all of your life and you continue to surprise me. Keep up the good work and chart your future.


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