Things people may not know about me…

I have tried so many activities growing up. Ballet (yeah me doing ballet, yeah right!), gymnastics, jazz dancing (that was an abomination!), horseback riding and basketball. The two main activities that I actually stuck too was horseback riding and basketball. When I was in third grade, my best friend at the time, horseback rode, so of course I needed to horseback ride too. So I started up, my first trainers name was Jenn, and she was my all-time favorite trainer. I rode every Sunday, from 4pm to 5:30pm. The horses I liked riding were Moxie, Jimmy Dean, and Scout. In the beginning I loved it so much. After a year and a half I got a new trainer, and her name was Megan. When Megan came I started doing competitions. My first competition was rough, I think I got 5th, 6th, and 3rd. I was pretty disappointed but it just showed me that I needed to try harder. So I kept at it and kept going to my lessons. By the end of two years I had been thrown off the horses countless times, but it was all worth it. In my second competition I won 2nd, 3rd, and 2nd again! WHOOPY! I was super proud of myself, and so were my parents. Well in 6th grade I slowly started to change my mind about horseback riding. I wanted to play basketball so bad (even though I never once picked up a basketball). I was wicked tall in 6th grade, taller than all the boys, so I wanted to use my height in a sport that I could excel at. So I tried play basketball at the rec, I loved the sport, but I hated rec. My friends started taking about a travel basketball team, so of course I joined! Manchester Travel Basketball, oh what an interesting association. I could go on and on about the things that happened during practice, games, warm-ups, and parents. I learned many things I would have to say, I learned how to be a team player and how to actually play the game of basketball. My basketball friends and I  all tried out for an AAU basketball team, I however did not make that team because I was not skilled enough nor was I fast enough. I have to say that killed my confidence, but it did not stop me from playing basketball. I ended up trying out and making another team, and playing for the older group. I did not play much on this team but I learned so much. After that season I became so much more of a better player, I knew how to do things others did not. 7th grade I played on my middle school team, that season was atrocious! But at the same time I was also playing the travel team. That was a lot to handle but so much fun. Later in the year I did AAU again, but played at my own age level. 8th grade for my middle school team was amazing (I started every game that year), but we made it to the finals and came in second! Of travel was awful like usual. Then again in February I started AAU, this season was not good…I beat myself up for every little thing. 9th grade I hurt my knee but was still on the team, but as manager. Through my sports experience i realized my parents made it to everything (well at least one of them). They are my biggest support. I would not be anything without them.


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