On Thanksgiving our family and friends gather to celebrate what we are truly thankful for. It is a time to catch up and a time to relax. For kids its a time to sleep in and maybe do our homework. For my family it is just us my mother, father, brother and me. We always seem to have a great time. This thanksgiving was very nice but different. We did not have a big turkey dinner, or have any family or friends over. What we did was we minded our own business for most of the day. I sat in my room and watched movies, my brother did who knows what (played video games maybe?), my mom cooked food and watched football, and my dad he slept and watched T.V. For dinner we ate lasagna, yes not a traditional Thanksgiving dinner but it was good enough for us. After dinner we went to go see Interstellar, BEST MOVIE EVER! This movie really makes you think, what if this is all real? No one has explored black holes, no one has gone out of our universe. The action scenes were amazing! This movie was truly a great one, I have not seen a movie this good in a long time. I recommend everyone to see this movie. I would tell you all about it but i do not want to spoil anything for anybody. The movie is three hours long by the way, so i would not get any big drinks, you do not want to miss a second of this movie. That was our whole day. At the dinner table my mom asked us what we were each thankful for, and everybody just copied me and said their thankful for family. I think everybody said that because we were all hungry, the food smelled great, and we had a movie to get to. I know we are all thankful for a lot more than just family, but her question did spark some thought into my head. What i am thankful for is of course my family, but also for the soldiers who are over seas and fighting for our country. I am also thankful for the friends i have made in school, and for the friends i have in my old school. I have realized the types of people i should hang around with, and who i should not be around. I have been hurt by my so called “best friends.” I am thankful that i actually have a best friend who does care about me, and not just about herself. I am also thankful for my boyfriend who just recently went off to college up in Toronto, Canada. Even though I can’t physically see him right now, he does constantly text me, to make sure I am ok. I am very thankful for that. Overall I am thankful that I am alive and have a roof over my head and have two loving parents who will do anything for me. Two years ago on November 21, 2012 a friend of mine passed away from an accident that happened at school in gym class. He was only in America not even a year. He came from Africa to America. I was put into my science class in 8th grade. Then in 9th grade we had gym together. In gym he had an accident and from that accident he passed away. I will never forget that day. I take Thanksgiving to remember him, and I will never ever forget him or his amazingly bright smile. He could make a room filled with 600 people laugh. He was an amazing guy. I miss him so much.


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