On Christmas eve my family and I opened all of our presents. What my parents got my brother and I was AMAZING! Of course I appreciate everything they got for me and my brother. Its sometimes hard to give them these amazing presents too, since i make no money. They say all they want are big hugs and kisses, but I end up feeling bad for only being able to give them that. Soon I will be heading off to college, and I cannot wrap my head around how much I actually need them in my life. I have been thinking a lot about how many things I need them for. I need them for money, food, shelter, love, protection, and support. Those six things don’t even cover half of what they do for my brother and me. I know we might not be in the best positions sometimes, but my parents always find away to make sure we are ok, and make sure we don’t worry about our family. So i just wanted to take time (and 177 words) to thank my parents for giving me the world and more. On Christmas day my parents shipped my brother and me off to Florida for 10 days! My first real adult experience of flying without my parents there to guide us. With a connecting flight waiting for us in Atlanta! I know you all are wondering “WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY THINKING? Sending two kids on a plane alone!” Dont worry, we had a escort on and off the plane. When we said our goodbyes at the gate to our parents i felt really nervous that something might go wrong, but nothing went wrong thank goodness. The flight to Atlanta was surprisingly smooth! In Atlanta (for the kids) they have a kids room called Skyzone. They had 9 Xboxs with nine TVs to go with it, i charging bar (to charge that darn technology), a snack area where the snacks were free, and a lounge. I know it sounds pretty nice, but its only nice when you’re there for more than ten minutes. The escort picks you up from Skyzone one hour before your flight, so our flight landed at 12:45 and it takes five to ten minutes to get to Skyzone. So by 12:50 we are in the room and then we realize we need to check into Skyzone (to make sure you still the same kid that you were ten minutes ago, when they ask you right when you get off the plane who you are and where you’re going). So it takes about five minutes to get through all those questions again. We set our bags down as we were told o and sat down on the lounge couch, five minutes go by and the next thing i know i hear “ALANNA AND ALEC YOU’RE FLIGHT IS HERE!” Please tell me why they brought us down here to the Skyzone when we were going to be there for five whole minutes? Our flight to Florida was smooth and we finally saw our Grandma!


One thought on “Christmas”

  1. Love, we do it because we love you both more than our own lives. You two are a true blessing. We think you both are very bright with evolved senses of humor. Big hugs and kisses are invaluable and the best gifts EVER! Love you to the moon and back 10^100X.


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