Florida Part 2

At four o’clock my aunt and uncle met my grandma half way and they took us into their possession. On the ride to their lovely home we talked about many things and had some good laughs. By the time we got to their house it was 5:30pm and we were all hungry. After dinner we unpacked our bags and went and sat with my aunt and uncle. At 9:00pm exactly my uncle went to bed and my brother, aunt, and I stayed up to watch the ball drop. I honestly was not worth it, if you compare it to Australias New Year. After that we all went to bed and slept peacefully. That next morning my aunt told me that her and my uncles New Years tradition was to walk on the beach in the morning. So we got ready and headed to the beach and it was really cold and extremely windy! We then went to lunch at Salt Life, a popular restaurant in Florida. The drinks took forever and then our food took even longer! My uncle told me to set my timer for five minutes and thats when we would leave and just pay for our drinks. So i set my timer and four minutes went by and our food wasn’t at the table yet. They had ten more seconds and we would’ve left without any food. At that five second mark they finally came with our food! It was a pretty good meal. The next day we went to the alligator farm and fed some big ole alligators. That would’ve been a great experience if my brother didn’t get hives from the shellfish in the pellet you feed them. There are over 3,000 alligators at the farm on display to the public. They also have mammals and beautiful birds there too. The alligator farm is my favorite place in St. Augustine. At the alligator farm my brother and i bought my mom a mug, because she loves coffee. The next day we went to a Tiger Reserve and saw 45 different kinds of big cats! The tour was two hours long and has lots of walking involved. The big cats were once pets of people who could not take care of them. You walk in and automatically feel awful for all these animals. It wasnt just big cats there, there were deer, wolves, hyena, and even a black goat that would follow you around the reserve. Florida is an amazing place to visit and i am so thankful that i have the opportunity to visit so often. I loved visiting my grandma and my aunt and uncle. I’m very thankful that they let my brother and I stay in their homes. Our flight home was rough and bumpy but obviously we made it. The flights took longer because of the severe winds up in the east. My dad picked us up and we finally got home safe and sound. I really really missed my bed and my dog Lucky…and maybe my parents too.


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