In The Time Of Need?

In the time of need I count on my parents. They are always there for me no matter what. They provide for me day in and day out. I cannot explain how much they mean to me. I know i can count on them because they love me so much and will do anything for me (within reason). My parents have been going through a lot recently and still somehow take care of our family. Parents are literally superheros! I do not know how they do it! They come home from work and take care of us after that long hard day, to hear me and my brother arguing with each other about whos who in whatever show we are watching. My parents are my inspiration and i hope i can be this good a parent when i start to have kids. I want to be as strong and as fearless as them. They let things just role off there back and bounce back into life. I have never seen them give up on anything, they power through. They continue to give us things that we want and still pay the bills, and hey kids are not cheap. I wish i could give them back of what they have given me. They have shown me the way to be, the way to do things in life that will be useful. Now that i am growing up, i see with open eyes how much they sacrifice for us. Just the other day my dad lent my his jacket on a seven degree day in the east. I was so touched that he did that for me because i was freezing. I love my parents so much. My mom just recently helped me get my first job and i cannot thank her enough. She basically made my resume for me. They both want to see me succeed in my life and I know they are in my corner since day one. I will love forever and eve and i will not stop saying thank you to them until i die! So thank you mom and dad for truly everything. And thats who i would go to in a time of need…my parents.


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