Who Can I Count On Everyday?

Ms. Woodward has asked my class a very important question, who can I count on everyday? I can count on my parents. I say my parents because they are always there for me right when i need them. They pay for everything i need, and i trust them with almost everything. I love them so much, i really do not  know what i would do without them. My parents taken in almost all the stress and worries for us and deal with them. I know they do more than enough for my brother and me, and i am truly blessed to have them. Another person that I know i can count on is my brother (crazy as it seems). I know i can count on him to keep my secrets and help me get over issues i might be having. I know he truly cares about me, and would do anything to protect me even though he is four years younger. I love him to death and I hope he know i will protect him no matter what. I am so lucky to have him as my brother. These two people i can count on everyday is my aunt and uncle. I know they have my back through thick and thin. I have done some pretty risky and awful things and somehow they still love and accept me for who i am and who I’ve become as an young lady. I will always love them to the moon and back. They always seem to know the right things to say when i am upset or nervous about something. I will never forget the time i smashed into my aunt on our bikes, and she didnt even get mad at me. I believe i have learned a lot about how to be a good person. A neighbor of mine has also had a great impact on my life, and i know i can count on her anyday if anything should have to happen. Her two children mean the world to me, and i would do anything for them too. These 3 people are like family to me, and it makes me sad that we live so far apart now. These last two people are my Best Friends Jordyn and Marlone.  These two friends are the bestest friends I have ever had. They have there for me in my toughest times. I know for a fact they can count on me and i can count on them.


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