Getting a babysitting job

So my mothers has been pressuring me to get a job. The thing is, i don’t want one, like at all. Every job i look at doesn’t sound too interesting. Flipping burgers, or stocking shelves? BORING! I know i really don’t have many options but id like something a little better than that. So i signed up for is a website/App that allows you to advertise yourself as either a babysitter/nanny,companion caregiver,errand runner, etc. THAT IS PERFECT FOR ME! Since i want to work with people when i am older (preferably kids), i just believe this was the right choice for me. I absolutely love children, they really make me so happy. It would be so great if i got maybe two families that were a recurring babysitting gig, like every friday or saturday night. That would be so great. Honestly it isnt about the money for me, i really am looking for just having fun with little kids, and hopefully give me great life experiences i will remember forever. I am eager to stat babysitting and i am really hoping the lady who contacted me follows through with what she told me, she is a very nice lady who has two little girls, one 3 and the other 7 months. That sounds like a handful to some but i would really enjoy watching her children. Since i never really have anything to do on the weekends or during the summer, it doesnt really effect my “schedule” (like i have one). This will get me out of the house, because according to my parents i am always home… i see that as a good thing, like they can see that im not some rebellious kid i might think i am, but really i sit at home and watch Greys Anatomy…ooooooooh so rebellious… i know. I think they are tired of seeing me here all the time 24/7, when i am able to go basically anywhere i want (within reason) since i can drive and have a car to drive. Eh i only have like four real friends, and they like do stuff on the weekends, unlike me. You’d think i would be hanging out with my best friend before she leaves…but im not. I am an awful friend really.


3 thoughts on “Getting a babysitting job”

  1. We want you to get a job to get you interested in activities outside the home. We can guide you with the application, help you with working with others, and creating a budget for your income. “It isn’t about the money….” Yeah it is. We want you to make your own money. You are a very smart young lady. We would like to see you take a position where you are working with children. Great idea with You have 100% support from your family.

    As far as getting out of the house, we supported you getting your license and we give you a car as a reward for your hard work. We want you to enjoy the freedom. It is a way that we show you that we trust you and believe in you. You don’t always have to take your brother when you go out. Sometimes you may want to take a ride to clear your head. We take car of repairs, maintenance, and gas. Have fun. When you are on your own, those things will be your responsibility. Enjoy this time. We love you lots.


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