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This January has been crazy! All month we have been packing and unpacking and getting all stressed out, but it is all worth it because we are finally in a house! My family and I for the past year and a half, have lived in an apartment. I am not saying there is anything wrong with apartments but, before we moved to New York we lived in a pretty good sized house. So from going to a house to an apartment was a bit annoying. But my family and I are very grateful for this house, and we cannot wait for the summer because we have a pool, and a huge backyard! The work load at school is also increasing, which made things a tad more stressful, but what is school without all of the work? January is also the time where retaking/taking regents occurs. I did not retake a regents, but I did take the English 11 regents. No, it was not a retake, but my teacher, Ms. Woodward did persuade the board to let the English 11 kids take their English regent early. All the prep that went into these last few months was crazy! But honestly, it was all worth it in the end. I believe I did pretty well, but I know if I did not doing well, then I can just take it again in June, before school is out. Regents are so stressful! You work all year just to take one regent for that one class! There is one regent for every one core class you have. English, Science, Math, History, a Language, and a music have a regents. If you have an AP core class, then you have the AP exam (that costs money) and a regent’s exam (does not cost a dime, out of my parent’s pockets, thanks taxes!) So you can see how school might be a bit stress full in January and in June. January also marks when we ae halfway through the year. My elective classes are coming to an end, and that means finals in my electives. That means that is our very last grade in that class, and hopefully it boosts our grade, and not lower it. Some core classes also have midterms. On top of it all some teachers decide to throw a midterm at us right after Christmas break! OH JOY! That is just adding right onto all the stress. I think for all these reasons, kids are dropping out of school. I’m still in school (obviously), but I have found four grey hairs on my head, WHAT!?