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Getting a babysitting job

So my mothers has been pressuring me to get a job. The thing is, i don’t want one, like at all. Every job i look at doesn’t sound too interesting. Flipping burgers, or stocking shelves? BORING! I know i really don’t have many options but id like something a little better than that. So i signed up for is a website/App that allows you to advertise yourself as either a babysitter/nanny,companion caregiver,errand runner, etc. THAT IS PERFECT FOR ME! Since i want to work with people when i am older (preferably kids), i just believe this was the right choice for me. I absolutely love children, they really make me so happy. It would be so great if i got maybe two families that were a recurring babysitting gig, like every friday or saturday night. That would be so great. Honestly it isnt about the money for me, i really am looking for just having fun with little kids, and hopefully give me great life experiences i will remember forever. I am eager to stat babysitting and i am really hoping the lady who contacted me follows through with what she told me, she is a very nice lady who has two little girls, one 3 and the other 7 months. That sounds like a handful to some but i would really enjoy watching her children. Since i never really have anything to do on the weekends or during the summer, it doesnt really effect my “schedule” (like i have one). This will get me out of the house, because according to my parents i am always home… i see that as a good thing, like they can see that im not some rebellious kid i might think i am, but really i sit at home and watch Greys Anatomy…ooooooooh so rebellious… i know. I think they are tired of seeing me here all the time 24/7, when i am able to go basically anywhere i want (within reason) since i can drive and have a car to drive. Eh i only have like four real friends, and they like do stuff on the weekends, unlike me. You’d think i would be hanging out with my best friend before she leaves…but im not. I am an awful friend really.



May 9th is PROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! My dress is so beautiful, but a lot of money. I cannot wait to wear it and go have some fun with my friends. At first i was not going to go, but then i found out my best friend Jordyn is leaving me next year, so therefore i am going to prom. My dress is a champagne color with some nice jewels on the waist. I really hope i have a great time, i really don’t think anybody will ruin the night, well at least i hope not. Hopefully all drama will be put aside so everyone can enjoy the magical night, that my parents paid gobs and gobs of money for. So thank you mom and dad for letting me go to prom, even though you probably have nightmares thinking about all the money you spent, for one night…but i digress (AHA vocab word). May 9th is a Saturday, so i have all day to get ready, prom starts at 7 and ends at 11… 4 hours of carefree partying. May 8th though…is my AWFUL AP US History exam, GROSS!! I am honestly so nervous for the exam. All those dates and turning points in American history all jammed into my head. Even after i take the AP test i am not done with US…OOOOHHH NO im not done, then a month and a couple weeks later i have to take the Regents exam for it too. The end of the year is awful, so much pressure on us to make sure our grades are decent, and to start reviewing for our AP, regents, and finale tests. But (obviously) it is all worth it in the end because in 2016 i am going to graduate, and i will move on with my life, and i will succeed. No one will stop me, i hope. Confidence is key in life, which i am kind of just figuring out….which is sort of a shame but oh well, you learn new things everyday. As you can a probably tell from this blog i cannot wait to graduate, but also i do not want to grow up, i do not want to pay bills and be an adult. I WANT TO BE A KID AGAIN! I want to go on my weekend vacations to Florida with my dad, where he pushes me into a fountain, or brings me to a private beach where i would play in the ice cold waves. I want him to buy me a strawberry coolada and watch a Disney movie with me, but i have to grow up, because thats life. (I still will have him buy me a coolada though, and watch a Disney movie with me….How about the Goofy Movie?)


My grandma was the one who had to pick us up from the airport in Daytona. She seemed so excited to see us! I missed her so much. Since we were with her for only five days we had to jam everything into a schedule. The first day we were there it was a rest day and we went swimming in her pool, the pool was freezing and we were only in it for 20 minutes. A bit after we finished swimming we went to see a movie. The movie we saw was The Hobbit and it was pretty good. The movie theater was NOT as nice as the AMC that we have up here but it was alright. Right after the movie we stopped and looked around in Target, to find myself a new charger for my phone. We then went to a Mexican Restaurant called Salsas and the food was ok ¬†guess. I think on my burrito there was Marinara sauce on it….and American cheese. Oh well. The next day we woke up at the crack of dawn (7:30am) and drove about two hours to Blue Springs. In Blue Springs there are pancakes that you make at your table and a pond/swimming pool. We did not have pancakes but we had burgers, we did not swim but we did go on a boat ride! On this boat ride we saw manatees, alligators, and birds. Quick fact about me I ABSOLUTELY love manatees! But anyway the boat ride was so much fun, i loved every second of it! I am so glad to share this experience with my brother and grandmother. I know i have been there before when i was little with my grandma but i didn’t quite remember all of what happened. We were there all day long, in the hot Florida sun, sweating to death. The temptations of the pond/swimming pool was out of the roof! It was calling my name…but alas i didn’t have my swim wear. As we drove home my grandma and I talked and talked about all sorts of things, about the stop light cameras and some way back in the day stories too. The third day we were with my grandma we swam all day. We spent hours in the pool! Until i got six leg cramps, three in the left and three in the right. Those were so painful, i kept falling under the water because i couldn’t move my legs. Since i couldnt move my legs i couldnt swim to the stairs to rest them. My darling brother sat in the water with me and massaged my legs for a half an hour (he is so sweet). I have to say that was the last time i went swimming in Florida this trip down. The next day and last activity day was the Kennedy Space Center. I have been there once before and i do remember being there. I loved seeing the spaceships and Sam Gemar (a former Astronaut).