My Future Career

When I was young every adult would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Of course standing there at that very moment I had no idea. I thought maybe I would be this amazing interior designer, like my mother and decorate all these wonderful houses and then I realized I was not very good at it. So I would sit in my room and think…hmmm what would I be good at? Then I thought I knew what I wanted to be, a trust officer, just like my dad! I went years thinking I would be great at that job.  Later to find out I am not that great at math…my dad says you do not need these AMAZING math skills, but I know I could never be as good as him. Finally at the age of 11 I knew exactly what I wanted to be, a physician’s assistant! Now what is a physician’s assistant you might ask?  A physician assistant (or PA) is a nationally certified and state-licensed medical professional (aka that amazing nurse that knows everything about you but is not quite your doctor). Now I know you are wondering what PA’s do so here is a list, PA’s take your medical history, conduct physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, develop treatment plans, counsel on preventive care, assist in surgery, write prescriptions, and make rounds in hospitals and nursing homes. Exciting right!? Well maybe not to you, but it is for me. Now I do not want to be any old physician’s assistant I want to be a pediatrics physician’s assistant. I ABSOLUTELY love kids! Always have and always will, younger kids are more of my cup a tea, 0-12 I would say. I would love to work in a hospital setting when I become a PA. I feel as if you want to work with kids especially in the hospital, you need your own personal story, something you have gone through, so you can connect with them, like you know what they are going through. I learned that from the nurse I had while I was in the hospital for a week, last school year. The nurses I had changed my whole outlook on being a nurse, especially nurse Megan. The nurses at that hospital inspired me to really go and try my absolute hardest at becoming who I want to be. I am actually super thankful that I was hospitalized because if that never happened I would have given up on myself already. I know that may sound CRAZY, but I now have that story that I can connect to some patients, and be able to show them that they are not there alone, that somebody will always be there for them. That reminds me of the show my mom and I watch, Red Band Society on ABC family. I feel like I am, and will be Nurse Jackson. She is there for each patient mentioned on the show. You can see her true dedication to them, and I feel as if that is inspiring as well. I cannot wait to achieve the dream that I have had since I was 11. I cannot wait to really start “living the dream!”


Vocab + Theme

So for this vocab post I am going to give you a vocab word, and a theme from the short story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty.

Vocab- Resilience

Definition- the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after-being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.

How this ties into my theme you say? The main character Phoenix Jackson, has resilience, i say this because even though she has challenges facing her (just like in the hero’s journey), she is like a rubber band and snaps back into her mission. She ultimately achieves her goal and gets her grandson his medicine.

Now here is a picture of my mother stretching a rubber band, showing resilience.



The third vocab word I found was Obstinate.

The definition of Obstinate is; firmly or stubbornly adhering to one’s purpose/opinion.

My mothers obstinate when I try to tell my side of the story, when I get into trouble.



My second vocab word that I picked was ceremonial.

The definition of ceremonial is used in or in connection with ceremonies (formals or ritual).

My mothers engagement and wedding rings were used in connection to a ceremony.


About Me… Photography and more

People always ask me what interests me… nine times out of ten I say I do not know. Until I went back to school on September 2nd, 2014 as a junior in High school. I sat down in my English class and met my teacher Ms. Woodward. She told us what our class will be doing throughout the year. I usually stick to Twitter to express myself, but I am realizing that my thoughts and experiences are much larger than 144 characters. So here I am…this is the assignment creating a blog about myself and my interests. I will be doing this assignment all school year, it will force me to figure out exactly who I am and what I really truly love doing. In saying that what I currently love doing is taking photographs of nature and finding that sweet angle that is just breath-taking.  I rarely want to use a filter on my photos because I feel like the natural light is all you will need for your photo. ALL NATURAL! Over the summer my family and I went to the renaissance faire in Sterling New York. To make this even more intriguing my parents gave my brother and me a photo scavenger hunt. On this scavenger hunt we had to find things they put on the scavenger hunt list. Some of the things that were on the list were: someone with a painted face, a hipster in plaid, any food on a stick, someone jousting, a king, a queen, and the best for last a shirtless person who should NOT be shirtless! That was a few out of the thirty-eight on the list. I really enjoyed doing this with my family, because ONE I liked all the picture-taking and TWO I actually had a great time with my family (a teenager enjoying time with her family? WHAT!?). Photography has not always been in my life, it is more of a new-found love. I started about two years ago, because I thought the world had many  different sides to it, and every picture taken by a photographer of nature just shows people how great our world is. There is something about a great photo that will draw your attention to it, and it is different for everyone (one of the many great things about art by the way). For example in abstract art people usually love the way it looks; the different colors, shapes, and sizes. The bright colors attracts the human eye, because that color is just so vibrant and exciting. I guess I got the “artsy” eye from my mother’s side of the family, we are related to the Peale painters, Charles Willson and Rembrandt. Many of their paintings are very famous and are featured in world-famous museums. I will attach one painting from each of them (the first one I attached is by Rembrandt and the second one is by Charles). Art runs in the family, my mother and grandmother are amazing painters. I hope to “paint” my blog with my nature photography. I am so excited to share my pictures with everyone, and I cannot wait to take new pictures just for this blog. Thank you for taking your time to read my first blog post ever!

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